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20 March 2020

BMK08 & CleanTreat®

We are aware of the recent coverage surrounding our new sea lice medicine, BMK08, and our CleanTreat® purification system. As BMK08 is in the regulatory process we are restricted in what we can say about the medicine and cannot promote the product before a Marketing Authorisation is granted. The statements below are a summary of facts and not in any way a promotion of the product.

  • BMK08 is a new sea lice medicine, that will be used exclusively together with our water purification system CleanTreat®
  • The medicine will only be used in closed treatment systems and the water will be purified before being returned into the sea (CleanTreat® purifies the water, find out more )
  • A team of chemists on board the vessel control the system ensuring only purified water is returned to the Ocean
  • The medicine has been developed under strict European Union guidelines.
  • Field trials have been successfully carried out exclusively in Norway proving BMK08 is an effective and safe medicine for the treatment of sea lice on salmon.
  • CleanTreat® has proven to be efficient, controlled and effective at full scale operations with BMK08


三九电影网BMK08 is a new generation of medicine developed under the strict veterinary medicinal products guidelines of the European Union (Directive 2001/82 as amended). The active ingredient is imidacloprid, as published by the in March 2019, as part of their assessment and subsequent classification as part of their quality compliance scheme (Pesticide Treatment Index), where BMK08 used with the propriety CleanTreat® system was given a score of zero, the highest score for environmental protection and sustainability.

Closed treatment system
BMK08 has been developed to work exclusively in a closed treatment system (e.g. wellboats) where fish are treated with BMK08 in the wells of a wellboat and then separated from treatment water, rinsed to remove any residue on the surface and returned to the sea pens.   All medicine is retained in the wellboat and not exposed to the environment.  The treatment water is then processed in Benchmark’s CleanTreat® purification system to remove the medicine and capture the medicine before returning purified water back to the sea. This is a transformative step for the industry to reduce the risk of environmental impact while helping to manage the most significant parasite in Salmon farming, sea lice.

三九电影网 Years of rigorous trials have been conducted to ensure BMK08 is safe for people, fish and the environment when used as a medicine for the treatment of sea lice on Salmon together with CleanTreat®. The process is regulated by the European Union guidelines and enforced by local country regulators covering the medicine and the environment. The final stage of testing after all safety requirements have been concluded, is full scale Good Clinical Practice (CVMP/VICH/595/98-FINAL) field trials.  These trials have been successfully carried out exclusively in Norway proving BMK08 is an effective and safe medicine for the treatment of sea lice. BMK08 is currently in the regulatory process after which we expect to bring this new solution to the market.

Medicine removal – CleanTreat® technology
三九电影网 CleanTreat® is a technology developed to remove medicines from treatment water on a large scale. The process has been shown to be effective at removing several classes of medicine from water. BMK08 will only be licenced to be used with the CleanTreat® system.

三九电影网During the CleanTreat® process the water is constantly tested to ensure only purified water is returned to the sea. A quality certificate will be generated for every use of the system to ensure compliance to the highest standards. Testing is carried out real time onboard the vessels and the purification process is overseen by a team of chemists.

三九电影网CleanTreat® has the added benefit of removing organic material from the treatment water including sea lice and sea lice egg strings so helping to prevent resistance development against the medicine. The waste, including collected medicine, is removed and incinerated, and certification of the safe disposal of each batch will be issued.

CleanTreat® has been awarded the highest prize in Aquaculture, the Nor-Fishing Innovation award, for its advancement of environmental stewardship. Together BMK08 and CleanTreat® are a transformative step for the industry demonstrating the highest environmental and welfare credentials available.

Find out more at 

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